momento.'s platform services

All services offered by momento can be found at the page:

Services page

1 - Location: That message indicates that you are viewing as "active" all the services available near the specified places. Inactive services are that one lightly coloured

2 - Searchbar: You can use the search bar to filter services based on keywords inside the name or the description of the service

3 - Filter: By clicking on the filter icon you will open a popup that allows you to choose a particular tag to filter.

4 - Segments: With the segment bar you can filter by service level.

5 - Service name

6 - Service info: service duration - level | tags

7 - Deposit: The deposit for the reservation allows you to buy the first quantity of photos.

Service detail popup


1 - Name: the name of the service

2 - Level: the level of the service

3 - Description: a simple description of the services, for more details about the service we invite you to read our Service Guideline specific for the interested service

4 - Price details: by clicking on the info icon an informative dialog will appear with the price detail

5 - Price simulator: by dragging the slider you will see on top how many photos and on the bottom the total price, the detail can be viewed by clicking the info button.

Price detail dialog

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